Who in your company is responsible for purchasing and preparing coffee, and who manages the coffee fund? And if the employees individually take care of their coffee, have you ever had issues arise because someone who doesn’t participate in the fund wants a coffee? Barista Bots eliminates decisions around all these issues, and serves a quality coffee the way each person really wants it, in 30 seconds or less. All with the push of a button.
Perhaps you have a board meeting, a group sales presentation, or just wish to extend a warm welcome to guests, clients or associates. Imagine the impression your business makes when you serve almost any gourmet coffee combination just the way they like it!
Barista Bots can give you black coffee, freshly ground, in a variety of strengths. It also mixes cappuccinos, espressos, mochachinos, cream and sugar.... Indeed, Barista Bots can be programmed to produce almost any combination of gourmet coffee. If your staff prefers a specific brand of coffee bean over others, Barista Bots can be stocked with that brand.
Fill in and submit the Company Coffee Survey and you may qualify for placement of a Barista Bot Gourmet Coffee Service (coffee bot) absolutely FREE.
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