When you run a busy restaurant or operate a bar, the Barista Bot is your staff’s best friend and yours.
Our Barista Bot saves time and effort, which means money in any business. You don’t need recipes or special measuring and preparation devices to prepare a complex coffee beverage. Just as important, you no longer have to worry about quality variations from one cup to the next. Now all your servers can be instant gourmet coffee chefs at the push of a button. In less than a minute they can present your customer’s delicious coffee beverage in the requested size and strength, with the precise combination of additives such as frothy cream, chocolate or sweetener. The Bot grinds, brews, mixes and serves any order in 30 seconds or less. Every cup is fresh ground, fresh brewed and exactly the same standard and consistency. You also get exact portion control so you know the profit margin you can depend upon.
Just as large franchises pride themselves on consistent product output from one batch to the next, we are proud that every cup of coffee produced with Barista Bots meets or exceeds industry standard for quality and freshness.
For bars, we offer a quality coffee product that requires only the addition of your own measured “special” ingredient to meet the tastes of your adult clients.
People will go a long way for a good cup of coffee, and a consistently high-quality product creates real customer loyalty.
Contract a Barista Bot in your food preparation area to establish your reputation for serving outstanding coffee beverages.
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